As a real estate visionary, Craig Nassi takes joy in writing creatively in his spare time. He takes particular interest in publishing casual yet informative blogs on Medium. Medium is a popular digital blogging platform. On Medium, bloggers from all walks of life explore a variety of different topics. From psychedelics, to politics, to fashion, virtually anything and everything gets blogged about. CEO of BCN Developments – Craig Nassi has written as well as published a few blogs on Medium as of late. He has explored interesting topics such as the ever changing nature of real estate, things to know before starting your own real estate portfolio, and an overview of the real estate market in New York.

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How the Real Estate Market Has Changed Over the Last 20 Years

The U.S real estate market underwent one of its most tumultuous periods ever a decade ago, ushering in many of the biggest changes that have swept the housing market during the last 20 years and which continue to affect it to this day.

What to Know Before Starting Your Own Real Estate Portfolio

Investing in real estate has the potential to be a very lucrative and generally safe way to diversify your assets and grow your wealth. While housing prices in and of themselves are unlikely to beat the stock market based on historical trends, when done right the income…..

Overview of the Real Estate Market in New York City

New York City is one of the most desirable and expensive places in the world to own real estate. However, a recent dip in the market has made it ever so slightly more affordable in many places. Craig Nassi, the CEO of New York-based BCN Development, says real estate prices in the city have declined by at least 10% from their 2015 peak.

Effectively Manage Contractors to Meet Expectations and Deadlines

In the world of real estate investment and development there is plenty of discourse concerning client and tenant relationships, but less care and attention given to how to effectively manage communications and expectations with contractors. As a key part of the development process, contractors can make or break a project.

Risks & Rewards of Buying and Selling Real Estate

Craig Nassi’s journey into the world of real estate investment started modestly, with one small development project in 1994. Since that initial venture, his project management skills, keen sense of business development, sharp negotiating tactics, and entrepreneurial know-how have allowed his New York City-based company BCN Development to grow into a nationally renowned leader in the world of real estate.

Commercial vs Residential Real Estate Investment Acquisition

When it comes to real estate investment there are two differing facets: commercial and residential. In many ways, the acquisition of each is similar: both require an appraisal, a building inspection, and various legal costs. Perhaps the most prominent differences between commercial and residential real estate investment occur at the acquisition stage.